beaphar Vermi Pure ( Dogs over 15kg )

beaphar Vermi Pure ( Dogs over 15kg )

Beaphar's natural internal antiparasitic for dogs eliminates intestinal parasites from your pet and takes care of their digestive health. 

For medium and large dogs over 15 kg. Natural internal antiparasitic, specially formulated to prevent gastrointestinal worms and promotes healthy digestion in medium and large dogs.

  • Internal antiparasitic for dogs.
  • Promotes the expulsion of intestinal parasites naturally.
  • It creates a hostile environment for parasites.
  • Made through natural herbs.
  • Improves the symptoms caused by internal parasites in the animal.
  • Improves digestive health.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Avoid weakening the animal.
  • The liquid format is suitable for all breeds and sizes.
  • In tablets there are two formats to better adapt to the size of the animal.

Medium dogs (15-30 kg):
2 tablets daily for 5 days. Repeat the process 4 times a year, with each change of season.

Large dogs (>30 kg):
3 tablets daily for 5 days. Repeat the process 4 times a year, with each change of season.

The tablet should be put directly into the dog's mouth and made to drink a little water or it can be mixed with food. 

Dogs that regularly contract intestinal parasites become debilitated. Antiparasitic Tablets for medium and large dogs contain herbs traditionally used to promote the expulsion of intestinal parasites.

Beaphar Vermipure plant extracts  help  improve your little one's digestive system. Chamomile is a proven remedy against stomach upsets.  Mugwort extract  and  garlic  can counteract digestive problems and restore the balance of the gastrointestinal flora . Thyme   has antioxidant properties that help maintain the proper functioning of your dog's immune system. Therefore, these tablets combine proven natural active ingredients that can effectively relieve discomfort caused by gastrointestinal parasites.

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