Bath essentials for your pup 🛁 -

Bath essentials for your pup 🛁

What are the essentials of a doggy wash day?

First and foremost, gather your tools.
Brush, shampoo and towel.

It is important to use a dog shampoo because it doesn’t dry your dogs skin and it is less likely to irritate it as well.
You also have dog shampoos for different occasions, now that is spring, we’ve really been liking this one: Menforsan Champú repelente de ínsectos

This shampoo can save your dog from creeping insects, and it also smells super good and leaves your dogs hair nice and soft.

After you’ve gathered all the essentials it is time to get the water going. Make sure you have everything you need close to you so that you don’t have to move when you get your dog in the shower or bath.

The water should be room temperature or a little warm but never too hot, never too cold!

Now you can prep your dog by brushing their hairs and then it’s time to hop into the shower.

Have a lot of patience with your dog, if they leave the shower just gently bring them back, talk to them so that they feel comfortable, and you can even have some shower snacks so that this experience is the best it can be for your dog.

Rub the shampoo in circular motions and make sure you get it everywhere but being extra careful on the face area. You don’t want any shampoo in the ears.

Rinse thoroughly and make sure you get the shampoo out.

Get your towel and dry your dog and Voilà!

A picture says more than a million words, but the video itself is a million pictures, so it already says... how many words? oh it doesn’t matter... Here is the link to the video 👉

Now is also a great time to do the rest of the wash day activities, nail clipping, paw cream, whatever your dog needs!

Here are some of our spa day favourites:

Bopp Soul Champú repelente, 100% natural

Cepillo Flamingo para pelo largo y corto

Cortauñas Flamingo

Bopp Soul stick reparador de almohadillas

Have a full-on spa day if so, why not 😍