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Pocopano can handle even the flying dogs 😂🐕

¡Is there something funnier than beach day with your best friend!

Your furry friend surely wants to spend time with you, make you happy & relaxed. 😍 Only thing you have to do is follow pawsteps and enjoy!


Speaking about how Pocopano can even handle the flying dog... 😂

We are so in love with these excellent products of Pocopano, made from PVC coated webbing. This lightweight but super durable material doesn't stretch or break, and is easy to clean with just a wipe or rinse.

These products are also ideal for long-haired dogs, thanks to its soft and non-porous material, which prevents hair from getting between the threads, also preventing knots in the fur. 

Here are some reasons why dogs and their owners love Pocopano products:

  • Waterproof
  • Super-soft
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Non-porous

Last but not least, every perfect outdoor day includes snacks, here´s some of our favourites😋 👇


We wish you sunny summer days and happy times on the beach with your pet as did our photographer Teemu with Okidogi´s 🐾 clients 🤩

With love

Okidogi Family