02/2023 Newsletter - A healthy pet is a happy pet - Okidogi.store

02/2023 Newsletter - A healthy pet is a happy pet

Dogs and cats brings to our life so much! Unconditionally love, joy and happiness.  

They understand when you are happy or sad, stressed or lonely. They make sure you take your daily walks and keep us connected socially too, like visiting at dog parks. They make you even play😊  

Our Customer Barba playing on the beach with her new Fuzzyard Leltterman Jacket
What they expect is literally nothing, but naturally we give them everything and even more ♡
Like high-quality food with healthy ingredients, daily dental stick and / or brushing.Daily routines and exercise which are important for their mental – and physically health.
Dogs and cats need different things to be happy when it comes to exercise and play. Cats need areas to “hide and seek”, they want to climb and hunt. Dogs loves to go to walk, running around and playing with you, maybe with balls or some mental workout. 


@Okidogi.store we have carefully, and with love selected selection of high quality and naturally made food for pets, of which we want to tell you about! This week we want to present Harper and Bone
Harper and Bone is a new selection of complete food for dogs and cats which stands out because each recipe is prepared: 
  • Exclusive combination of meat and fish 100% fresh 
  • Fruits and vegetables 100% fresh 
  • Special superfoods 
  • Organic vitamins and minerals 
  • No allergic or filler ingredients 
  • Probiotics and prebiotics 
  • Responsive packaging 
“Your best friend deserves an exquisite meal”. 


Sharing love

Remember that we promised to be Santas little helpers and asked if you want to be part of our Okidogi.store christmas elf´s team too! 

Check out our visit on shelters before christmas


We wanna thank you for your support and offer you 5€ extra shopping money. 

Use code "HAPPYPET5" on checkout! Valid for orders over 40€ from 11.1.2023 to 15.1.2023. Don't forget we offer also free shipping when your order exceeds 49 euros.


We wish you and your furry loved one great week together