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Welcome to Okidogi Blog

Welcome, put your Okidogi glasses on and enjoy your journey with us!

"Pets owners have the biggest hearts in the world" says Suvi, founder and owner of Okidogi.store.

Okidogi.store was founded in 2021 as a local shop in Los Boliches, Fuengirola.Little bit later we opened our online shop. @Okidogi.store you can find everything what your pet needs!We have high quality foods, snacks and pet accessories for cats & dogs.

From now on, we want to share a little more about our Okidogi life, and once in a while give you some tips, what we have notice very useful with our furry family members, and of course adventures of Rosco, our sweet & funny Okidogi family member ♡


 " Cats, dogs and their owners are the worlds best customers"

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