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🐾Hola Septiembre, Vuelta a la rutina🐾

Summer is over and autumn is knockin on our doors.

Our furry friends are happy for sure about the weather, but at the same time they might think "why i have to stay alone without all the pampering 24/7".

Luckily dogs and cats learn new routines quite fast, but changes can cause them some anxiety and stress.

To avoid your best friend feeling sad or stressed, here are some tips to "give a paw". ❤️

🐾Give them little extra playtime before you leave the house.

🐾Arrange "family time" in the evening and give extra pampering.

🐾Make long walks or visit the dog park to burn some extra energy off.

🐾Hide some treats or favourite toy to seek when you are not at home.

🐾Have you tried food oriented puzzles, if not, give it a try!

😻Scratching toys for cats and long lasting toys for dogs are great for keep them entertained for hours.🐶

Here are some tips from homer_el_frenchy 😍🐶 Homer give a paw 🐾

Have a nice September!

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