NeuFrau: Jauhis 1kg

NeuFrau: Jauhis 1kg


Carne y cartílago de cerdo finlandés

"Jauhis" se utiliza para complementar cualquiera de nuestros productos, pero no debe utilizarse como único alimento.

embalaje: 1 kilogramo

Contenido nutricional

Energía 1020kJ / 100g
Proteína 51%
Grasa 63,1%
Carbohidrato <0.1%
Calcio 4,0g/kg
Fósforo 3,8g/kg
Humedad 66,4%
Ceniza 4,02%
Fibra bruta 1,2% < / p>

Almacenamiento : -18 ° C a mejor antes del número de lote

Instrucciones de uso : Como tal o con otros alimentos .
Dosis : Aproximadamente 1kg / 30kg / día

Solo para alimentos para mascotas, manténgalo alejado de los alimentos, lávese las manos y limpie las herramientas, los utensilios y las superficies antes de manipular este producto. 

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-18 ° C to the best before date. Batch number on the package.

NEUFrau foods can be stored frozen for months, thawed in the refrigerator for a week.


General instructions cannot be given. As a rule of thumb, the dog should be given every day one kilogram of food for every live weight kilogram.

When considering the amount of food, one must always take into account the individual characteristics of the dog and its activity.How much is the dog exposed to the cold? How stress-sensitive is the dog? How is the dog's body able to utilize nutrients? flesh, no matter what you eat, some seem to gain weight just by thinking about food.You can estimate how much fat is on top of a dog's ribs because no muscles form on the ribs.

The dog should always be a little hungry after eating to maintain appetite. .When a dog eats with a good appetite, its saliva and stomach acids have time to function well.Educating a dog with food also supports this idea: A food cup means doing, and when he does, the dog already begins to excrete saliva. after sowing can be eaten, the dog's body is already ready to receive food.

" It is not a good idea to let your dog drink for half an hour before and after eating. The acidic pH of the stomach (pH 1-2) is rapidly neutralized by water at a pH of about 7-8.8. With neutralization, cells have to produce more and more hydrochloric acid, resulting in belching and refluxing. ”

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It is all fresh without added preservatives

Completely domestic, from domestic meat without added preservatives or E-codes.


NEUfrau is a family company from Pori, Finland, founded in 2005, which produces fresh dog food from high-quality, Finnish raw materials. The food is carefully prepared in its own small production facilities.

The activity is a continuation of Kennel Reiko from Pori's decades of experience in dog food, the ingredients of which are carefully weighed and thought out to support your dog's well-being as much as possible: the idea behind what the wolf's natural diet is.

NEU has been manufactured since 1998. The products are designed with love and thought in mind for the well-being of your dog.

The raw materials are 100% Finnish, with the exception of rice and buckwheat, no e-codes or other artificial substances have been added to the products, but the product is exactly what is stated in the product description. Complete foods contain the nutrients your dog needs every day.

NEUfrau has products for dogs of all sizes from chihuahua puppies to adult Danish dogs. Whether a dog is small or large, each dog is always an individual with unique characteristics. If necessary, we will help you find the perfect food for your dog.

NEU foods are suitable for all dogs, regardless of size or hair. Switching to NEUfeeding is easy, you can change it at once without getting used to it. If you know your dog has a very sensitive stomach, a transition period of a few days put in with your current food will suffice. Allergies are a different matter.

Skin symptoms, allergies, yeast infections and other diseases are unfortunately common among dogs as well. Rice-based foods are suitable for one dog, and potato-based buckwheat for another. Some dogs are allergic to cattle, others to wheat. For dogs with a wide range of skin problems, the solution has been found in a lactic acid-rich and low-carbohydrate diet.

Studies show that bovine and cereal proteins are the worst cause of canine allergies - which is why they are hardly present in NEUfrau products. Dry foods contain an exceptional amount of allergens, so fresh food is the only sensible option for an allergic dog.

We have developed a low-carbohydrate KARP series for allergic dogs as well as more stomach-friendly TATTARI products. By experimenting with different sources of protein for a couple of weeks, you will find out how your dog reacts to each raw material. After the trial period, you can add one source of protein to your dog's diet at a time to find out about any allergens.

Find out more

with reading Story of KARP from NEUfrau

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