Bubimex Dental Plaque Destructor 80g

Bubimex Dental Plaque Destructor 80g

Bubimex Anti-Plaque is an effective combination of purely natural ingredients.

80g jar

Administering this marine algae-based product daily increases the release of natural enzymes during chewing of food, thus helping to remove stains and tartar from teeth, even preventing new plaque formations.
In addition, this product contains amino acids, minerals and trace elements that favor the body.
Ideal for optimal maintenance after veterinary dental cleanings.

• Eliminates tartar
• Fight bad breath

Recommended administration in dogs and cats:
< 20kg 1 measure/day
20- 30kg 1-2 measurements/day
The effects will be visible from the 3rd week.
It can be administered for a long time.

Specific formula that helps to reduce the accumulation of dental plaque and tartar already present and allows the dog to maintain and have good oral health (preserves tooth enamel).

The result is visible after 3 to 4 weeks* depending on your dog's hygiene (*for information only). Powder to mix with croquettes or wet dog food.

Dosage: A measuring spoon is provided in the bottle. 1 dose equals +/- 1g

Anti-tartar for dogs and cats AB BIO certified Destroyer Plate Small dog under 10 kg Medium dog from 10 to 25 kg Large dog over 25 kg
Daily dose 1/2 dispenser 1 dispenser 2 dispensers

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