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Kit Cat's 100% Biodegradable Natural Soy Litter

Kit Cat's 100% Biodegradable Natural Soy Litter

Kit Cat SOYA CLUMP is 100% biodegradable soy-based cat litter with mild aroma. This unique product is made from the insoluble parts of a soybean which is found in soymilk production. Normally these insoluble parts are mainly disposed in a landfill, but Kit Cat innovates a second purpose for this ‘wasted’ material to be used as cat litter, labeling us as Eco-Friendly.

  • 7L of absorption capacity:It agglomerates quickly and allows the sand not to stick to the box.
  • Eco Friendly:Sand made with natural biodegradable soy.
  • All Ages:For puppy, adult and senior cats of all breeds.
  • 99.9% free of suspended dust:The particles gradually settle  to  the bottom of the sandbox and, since there is no dust in the air, it can be breathed without problems.
  • Easy to maintain:It is easy to remove the agglomerated parts of the sand to keep the box clean.
  • Gentle on paws:Perfect litter for cats with sensitive paws.
  • 100% SAFE:No added chemicals and safe for puppy, adult and senior cats.
  • Odor control:Effectively eliminates odor in 5 minutes.
  • Does not stick:Prevents the cat from distributing sand particles  throughout the house.
  • Easily transportable:Each bag only weighs 2.5kg and, being vacuum packed, takes up very little space. 

This cat litter works as an excellent liquid absorbent as it can take up moisture up to 3 times more compared to traditional clay litters/crystal litter. With an instant clumping formula, it clumps upon in contact with fluid.

SOYA CLUMP is flushable, light and easy to scoop; its fast absorption rate protects your cat and litter tray from toxic ammonia and urine odour. Our cat litter is produced with food grade natural soybean which contains no synthetic chemicals or dyes and making it safe for kittens, cats and yourself.

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About Kit Cat

Kit Cat is passioned about animal welfare. Founded in 2013, Kit Cat is a company focused on offering cats natural and healthy products made with top quality raw materials.

They are commited to being highly transparent about the origin of their materials in order to offer the best to cat-loving customers.

Cats deserve to live long and happy lives. They love cats like family membeers and believe that nutrition is essential to improve cats quality of live. For that reason, they want to give them the best by offering what they really deserve with unique recipes prepared by team of cats nutrition specialists.

Award winning brand

Kit Cat just won second consecutive year "Brand of the Year" award at World Branding Awards Animal Edition. The World Branding Awards are the international awards presented to golval and national brands for their work and achievements.

We are very proud to offer excellent quality Kit Cat brand to our customers!

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