Celebrating 2 Years🎈🐾 - Okidogi.store

Celebrating 2 Years🎈🐾

We are 2 years old 🎈 Still like a toddlers, but hey, comparing in a age of dogs we are teenagers 😂 what a mix, or what you think! 

Two years ago our founder and owner, soul of everything, Suvi, opened Okidogi.store at Los Boliches, Fuengirola. Quite soon customers founded the store and now a days they don't just pass by our door, instead they want to sneak inside and take a look if there's some tasty snacks or new toys 🐕😻

¡You can imagine that humans of the other side of the leash don't have " a word," when it comes to this conversation front of our door! 

At first we were at Calle Torrox, but about one year ago we moved to a bigger place, main street of Los Boliches.

We have opened online shop too, so there's no doubts about how we spend our days - working with passion to improve well-being of your dogs and cats, having fun & enjoying to share Okidogi.store life to all of you, our dearest customers, our Okidogi Family! 

❤️ Thank you so much, hope you have enjoyed already, there is so much more to come, so stay tuned ❤️