Dogs and cats brings to our life so much! -

Dogs and cats brings to our life so much!

Unconditionally love, joy and happiness.  

They understand when you are happy or sad, stressed or lonely. They make sure you take your daily walks and keep us connected socially too, like visiting at dog parks. They make you even play😊  

What they expect is literally nothing, but naturally we give them everything and even more  ❤

Like high-quality food with healthy ingredients, daily dental stick and / or brushing. Daily routines and exercise which are important for their mental – and physically health.

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 And for dogs 🐾🐕🐕

Dogs and cats need different things to be happy when it comes to exercise and play. Cats need areas to “hide and seek”, they want to climb and hunt. Dogs loves to go to walk, running around and playing with you, maybe with balls or some mental workout.