Travelling dog


Travelling is fun but it is more funny with your best friend ❤

Surely you are doing a lot with your furry friend - daily walks, hikes, visits to the dog parks, seeing friends and family...but, there is moments when you want to travel little bit further than only "neighbourhoods". 

First thing is to make sure that your pet has all necessary vaccinations, ID chip and passport. 

One really helpfully tip is having a name tag for your furry friend, with his name and your phone number ❤

Custom Name tag for dog Laika

Order customized name tag for your dog from here.

Starting from 9,90 euros, including engraving.

Are you traveling with car, train, bus or with airplane? Any case the next thing is to check the rules of each company from their web or contacting customer service.

For example, make sure when you are travelling with an airplane does your pet have to travel in cargo, or can he come to the cabin with you. Every air company have a little bit different rules about sizes of carriers and boxes for the pets. Take a look carefully in this one!

Here´s some tips that can help you travel easy and happily 😀

Favourite toy of dog

Have fun time with your bestie 🐾